Purchase Pollinator Pledge Signs

Submitted by NHE-Webmaster on Thu, 02/20/2020 - 07:06
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The donation amount to Citizens’ Greener Evanston (Natural Habitat Evanston is a program of CGE) is up to you, but it funds this effort and covers the cost of the signs. You will be contacted with a location to pick up your sign or we can try to arrange delivery. Signs will not be shipped*, and currently no mounting hardware is provided. *For orders from outside Evanston, Illinois, only, shipping is available for an additional $8 per sign; Institutional larger signs will never be shipped.
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The institutional size signs and the Spanish (either size) signs are currently only available in Design Style 1, (Brown with wildflowers)
If we are out of stock on your selected design, may we substitute with one in the same language and size, but another design?
Donations can be made upon submissions of this form.

I’m Taking the Pollinator Pledge

Submitted by NHE-Webmaster on Tue, 02/18/2020 - 21:29
I pledge to do all of the items below:
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Your pledge MATTERS. Not only do your actions help pollinators and birds, but they also can encourage others to take action, including institutions, businesses, your neighbors and your city. Providing the information below allows us to advocate more strongly by knowing where in Evanston or elsewhere people have pledged to support pollinators in this way, and would allow us to reach back to you in the event that we have questions for you. None of your information will be shared beyond Citizens’ Greener Evanston (Natural Habitat Evanston is a program of CGE).
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Knowing your Ward helps us encourage government and ensure we are reaching the entire community.